2990 Roosevelt Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Three panels with overlay on all sides using
the instead-a-miter system
Five panels with bevel mirror strips to cover
the vertical seams
What do you do at the end of the
hallway?  Add a mirror with
decorative corners!
A foyer was made spectacular by adding these
three panels with bevel mirror strips over the
vertical seams
This living room got a special touch when this three
panel wall mirror was added.  Bevel mirror strips with the
instead-a-miter system frames the perimeter.
A stacked mirror system adds
elegance to a wet bar storage
This country club entry was made
formal with this custom mirror
framed with bevel mirror strips
using the instead-a-miter framing.
How can you check your progress if you
can't see yourself? Plain mirrors installed
on J-channel
How to make a dining room more formal!  The popular bevel
mirror strips and instead-a-miters.