Come check out our specials on mini-packs of glass!
Packs are mixed to include some cathedral glass and
some opals and wispies, with a couple of clears for
texture thrown in!  

Odd sizes, odd prices - REALLY LOW!

10 - 6" x 6" pieces for just  $ 10.00
10 - 4" x 4" pieces for just  $  6.00
2" x 4" pieces at just 75 cents or you choose 10 for $ 5.00

-singles available if you're looking for just a little bit of

We've also got some strips perfect to use for borders!!!
I've got a crate of 8" x 10" priced at $3.50 each.  
Pick 10 for $ 25.00
Many colors and textures to choose from!
Need smaller sizes ?  I have small scraps perfect for mosaic projects.  
$ 2.00 per pound !!!!!
Bring your own box and make your own deal!
Glass Station
for Art Glass Creation
We've also got pattern books, all your
chemical, lead, foil and solder needs.  If I
don't have it in stock, I'll help you get it!
2990 Old Roosevelt Boulevard ∙ Jacksonville, FL 32205 ∙ 904-388-5717
We've got glass from everyone you know and love!
Does your store have this much glass?