2990 Roosevelt Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32205
    904 378 0277
Restoration Services
This home's windows
were updated about 30
years ago, but with a
style that was
inconsistent with the
historic integrity of the
house.  New windows
were hand made for three
different rooms.
New casement windows were
made for the dining room,
which is now on its way to
becoming a grand new kitchen.
Special touches like the brass operators and locks  for the interior and the
awning for the exterior make these windows feel just like the originals.  
The glass is original to the period, with all its beautiful imperfections!
The tiny old kitchen was transformed into an office.  This room not only got
a new set of casement windows, but a new set of double hung windows.  
Upstairs was a different story..............
These 'after' pictures
show off the new
windows for the sleeper
porch that has now
become the exercise
Drafty old sash
with broken panes
and cracked
glazing are a thing
of the past !
What a beautiful
The 'before'
would have
shown the
damage to
the old
windows as
pretty severe.
The antique glass and the beautiful
brass hardware are just as nice to
look at as these treetop views!
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